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Philosophical Moments

Philosophical moments occur when perceived realities are felt through experiences in which truths become hard to deny. It’s a bit like scientific theories being proven after observation and experimentation. It would seem that the current Astrological fluctuations refer to factual understandings and other realities but is it really true?
The planet of communication Mercury moves into aspect with Saturn bringing up good organisational abilities and a somewhat direct means for delegation. Perhaps we can say less during this period and get to the point instead of waffling on for hours? The truth of a matter is no doubt emerging and then Mercury transfers the idea of “some reality” to the planet Neptune in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces is idealistic at the best if not a little bewildered but this time Mercury has the wisdom of Saturn to back him up and says something philosophical!
I am not sure whether Neptune in Pisces beholds the realities of Saturn all that well, however in this case, it’s quite possible that even a small grain of truth has potential to be “real”. These consecutive Mercurial aspects bring ones suspicions and other experimentations into a perceived reality. It could literally be a dream coming true.
I hope that means Valentines Day beholds something special?


The planet Mercury has been edging its way to the end of a retrograde period this week. Mercury in his retrograde motion is re-assessing and deliberating. The final decision about a matter involving Saturn will almost come to fruition this week however in the eleventh hour all bets are off.


Someone is playing a different tune now

Mercury and Saturn are interesting bedfellows. Mercury is sprightly – cunning – talkative and makes all manner of decisions. Saturn is about protocols – traditions – governments – older and authoritative. Retrograde Mercury trine Saturn suggests that plans and decisions are being finalised now. The contract signing seems inevitable.


What is the Deal?

The aspect of Mercury trine Saturn is edging closer to being exact every day now. However before the two planets can perfect on such serious “deliberations” – Mercury changes direction before the aspect and matter relating to Saturn is complete. Saturn is denied this time.

One can expect plans and decisions to turn around this weekend. If you have been giving serious thought to some matter then hopefully the worrying will be over now.

If you have been holding out on signing a contract or making an important decision – there is most likely a very good reason for doing so.  If you have been running out of time with an approaching deadline  – there is likely to be an extension granted now.


A new round of proactive discussion and meetings is set for the near future

Mercury and Saturn – Young an Old – can usually work a way around problems  together. Patience and time is all that is needed to turn this thing around.


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